Network World columns


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Predictions about the upcoming year
Telco carriers trying to destroy the end-to-end model of the Internet. 
Why Apple does not license its DRM. 
Federal government's subpoena for Google search information. 
The court rules on Google's web cache. 
The audio broadcast flag. . 
A Senate hearing on network neutrality. 
Data about you in company hands. 
Looking for gold in Internet content. 
Consolidation in the telephone industry.  
Another credit card data breach. 
The Internet Engineering Task Force turns 20. 
Microsoft delaying Vista (again).
The impact of the Internet on U.S. politics.
Windows on Macs.
E911 in a VoIP world.
Security attacks on Mac OSX.
The impact of the telcos running the Internet. Mac OSX.
Microsoft's super cookie patent.
The impact of the Supreme Court's eBay patent decision.
The coming digital world.
Bugs in anti-virus software.
Why not protect laptops?
CALEA and the business world.
VoIP does not work the way the law thinks.
Video on cell phones is nutz.
The telco carriers not living up to their promises.
Vendors should tell their customers when they are going to spy on them.
What was wrong with enabling security?
Extending the reach of the USF.
A UN report on the Internet digital divide.
Congress ignoring data breaches.
Dave Clark's vision of the present 20 years ago. breaches.
AOL giving away "research" data.
A view of the US telcom regulation from the north.
Ross Anderson giving away his security book.
US government rules for Internet political comment.
How did we get the Internet of today?
Why would someone cheat for the company?
Latest Pew Internet & American Life Project surveys
Vista's end user license
Security issues with next-gen RFID credit cards
Selling vote fraud?
Broadband speeds are never what they claim.
ChoicePoint is now secure but is that enough?
Fortune mag's important people in the business world.
The latest DMCA tweaks are only tweaks.
A bad week for SCO 
Revisiting last year's predictions.