Network World columns


See "Edited" for the version that ran in the paper.   

Little real change predicted for 2004.
Andrew Odlyzko on the "Pricing and architecture of the Internet:." 
Blocking images of money.
The dangers of software monocultures.
The DVD Copy Control Association drops a lawsuit.
The challenges of Internet-based voting.
Going about wiretapping the Internet in the wrong way.
The DHS CAPPSII data warehouse.
The lack of a privacy concern on the part of RFID proponents.
The impact of Google News.
Stupid censorship on the Microsoft search engine.
More on wiretapping the Internet.
The purposely toothless efforts of the National Cyber Security Partnership.
Connexion by Boeing.
President Bush's push for broadband deployment.
More from the National Cyber Security Partnership.
The FTC's weak efforts to enforce the CAN-SPAM Act..
The problem of TCP resets.
Learning form the many problems seen in electronic voting systems.
The California database breach disclosure law.
The Alexis de Tocqueville Institution's wacko attack on Linux.
The "Multistate Anti-TeRrorism Information eXchange' (MARTIX)" system predicting who will be bad.  
the proposed cell phone directory.
Craig McCaw is investing in a different type of wireless this time around.
A well written worm could cost $50 billion.
 Senator Hatch is at it again.

A senator is trying to keep the National Weather Service from being useful to you and me.

A court eviscerating the anti-wiretapping law.

The Business Software Alliance ignores reality to hype its case.

VoIP must be real now that Fortune mag has heard of it

The long slow painful death of AT&T.

The Department of Homeland Security failing to counter cyberterrorism.

The initial proposal from the FCC on wiretapping the Internet.

802.11n high-speed wireless.  

The US Copyright office as shill for the copyright industry. 

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell's comments at the Aspin conference.

Muli WiFi efforts.

A Pennsylvania anti-child porn law that fails on a number of fronts.

Clueless marketers and WebEx a bad combination.

VoIP & open source.

Another U.S. Cybersecurity Chief quits.

The SANS Institute's useless advice.

California creates data protection laws that apply nationally.

More on e-voting.

Useful work from the National Security Agency.

Web pages that make noise.

If the Internet is not confined to a US state is it confined to a country?  

Microsoft deciding to threaten its potential customers.

A lesson from Pennsylvania about the difficulty of telcom reform that is anything but support for the local telephone companies.

A former CIA chief suggests that you should need permission to use the Internet.

Shopping sites that demand setting up an account before they are willing to take your money.