Network World columns


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Unsolicited advice for the incoming Bush administration
Advertising supported "free" services 
How much technology is new since 1900?
Pillsbury saying that they own the concept of "bakeoff" 
The end of end-to-end security
"Researchers warn Internet's core vulnerable to attack."
The US Congress vs. the Internet
Problems with HTML email. 
Airports trying to rip off the traveler
Stopping Napser will not stop filesharing
Poor security at e-commerce sites
TCP sequence number guessing attack
Apple's OSX operating system
April Fools Day RFCs
Germany proposing to attack Internet sites they do not like
G W Bush claims to be "a privacy kind of guy"
Bad ads in the technology world
Quality in Voice over IP
Congress pushing broadband deployment
Can a corporation exist without a web site?
Microsoft says it will protect US customers as well as it does those from Europe
Government support for real research  
BCR lost the Internet
Microsoft "Smart Tags"
Nortel losing $19 B in a quarter
Global Crossing's future as seen by the Wall Street Journal

Monopolies and their impact

Bad time to worry about personal rights on the Internet

Was ATM a religion or a technology?

The future of the Distributed Computing Environment

Mapquest's business model

Grid computing as the Internet of Tomorrow

Jitter in the Internet can be quite small

The illogic of assuming that carriers can bill for VoIP   

Predicting what technologies will win out 

Anti-circumvention rules in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Congress trying to change all computers to do Hollywood's bidding

The September 11terrorist attack

Privacy vs security

Emergency use of the Internet

Will 802.11 supplant Bluetooth?

Is a separate network for government safer?

The future of outage resistant network designs

Sprint's (re)announcement of On-Demand Networking

Microsoft Passport

The Council of Europe's "Convention on Cybercrime" 

Internet taxes   

The FBI's Magic Lantern

The future of broadband to the home

Renting rather than buying music