Network World columns


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The IETF at 25.
Egypt turns off the Internet.
The FCC directs the use of the Universal Service Fund.
The FBI wants your help. 
Congress can not see what uses the Internet. 
RSA not telling its customers how bad things are for them.
When sould you worry about disclosing lists of email addresses?
Network World at 25.
India does not trust the Internet or Internet users.
RSA is screwing its customers.
Apple's high flying vision of cloud computing.
Retaliation in a cyber war.
The FCC is being asked to put an end to the old telephone system.
Your corporate website better support small portable devices.
HP shows how clueless it can be and it is quite clueless.
European rules on cookies will soon be real.
Modern technology has had a significant impact on the ability for government to intrude on our lives. Can logic be applied to limits?
New SEC guidance means companies must publicly report data breaches, even when they might not have to under state laws.
The United Nations now has a proposal to take over the Internet -- how bad could that be? Look at the House E-PARASITE bill to see.
Supreme Court may be about to limit what government can do to invade your privacy.
But the Internet as we have grown to know it remains under relentless attack