Network World columns


see "Edited" for the version that ran in the paper.

·       1998-01-12: Not Dark Yet (p 32) Edited

The privacy issues of tracking people.

·       1998-01-19: Pity the poor telco (p 18) Edited

The impact of the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Service on PTTs

·       1998-01-26: An image of an ivory tower (p 34) Edited

Fake colleges on the Internet.

·       1998-02-02: A familiar song (p 28) Edited

The press still thinks the phone companies will bring us the Internet

·       1998-02-08: The Internet for the Internet (p 42) Edited

Internet self-governance

·       1998-02-16: Representing the people (p 28) Edited

Do regulatory bodies represent the people?

·       1998-02-23: Unfulfillable expectations (p 34) Edited

Unreliable projections of technology deployment.

·       1998-03-02: Its so hard to know you (p 34) Edited

The use of biometrics in identifing individuals.

·       1998-03-09: The 'Net as fantasy island (p 42) Edited

The logic of a tax-free Internet

·       1998-03-16: Minutes as a measure (p 38) Edited

Charging for Internet telephone by the minute is silly.

·       1998-03-23: The elusive goal of counting (p 36) Edited

How can you measure the traffic on the Internet?

·       1998-03-30: Colliding with reality (p 36) Edited

The non-importance of token ring.

·       1998-04-06: Engendering disgust (p 32) Edited

SPAM as a social disease.

·       1998-04-13: How are they going to do that? (p 32) Edited

The non-impact of technical reality on Washington rulemaking.

·       1998-04-20: Writing for the record (p 36) Edited

Take care with electronic records.

·       1998-04-27: It hurts to be smurfed (p 42) Edited

Protecting yourself against smerf attacks.

·       1998-05-04: An absence of referees (p 66) Edited

Just who did write that scientific article?

·       1998-05-11: Class struggle on the 'Net? (p 40) Edited

Internet QoS as a threat to society.

·       1998-05-18: Security on the horizon (p 36) Edited


·       1998-05-25: Why we do what we do (p 36) Edited

The silly way that phone numbers are assigned.

·       1998-06-01: Road warrior connectivity (p 48) Edited

A hope for Ethernet-based Internet access in hotel rooms.

·       1998-06-08: Developing an anti-Internet (p 44) Edited

The Internet as seen by phone companies.

·       1998-06-15: Internet-based Internet governance (p 40) Edited

The US Government's attempt to have the Internet govern the Internet.

·       1998-06-22: Is Sprint doing it again?  (p 38)  Edited

Sprint's ION service pricing.

·       1998-06-29: It’s a curve not a point! (p 58) Edited

Quality in Internet telephony is up to the buyer.

·       1998-07-06: How do you spell VPN? (p 34) Edited

The many meanings of VPN.

·       1998-07-13: Magic words and real competition (p 38) Edited

"IP" and "Cisco" as magic terms in data networking.

·       1998-07-20: An almost complete site (p 34) Edited

Bob Dylan's web site.

·       1998-07-27: Traveling down the road to exposure  (p 34) Edited

Does Saber sell passenger names before they travel?

·       1998-08-03: An Internet management with clues?  (p 30) Edited

Will the technical community be involved in Internet management?

·       1998-08-10: Getting smaller by getting bigger  (p 28) Edited

A tail of BBN, the company that helped create the Internet.

·       1998-08-17: When is the Internet not the Internet?  (p 27) Edited

The lesson of the Automotive Network Exchange.

·       1998-08-24: How many 9s are enough?  (p 28) Edited

Telco assumptions of network reliability vs Internet design.

·       1998-08-31: Architectural differences  (p 24) Edited

Internet vs telephone network architectures.

·       1998-09-07: Standards as weapons  (p 28) Edited

Wanting to control the IETF.

·       1998-09-14: A lighthouse as a metaphor  (p 38) Edited

The lighthouse at the end of the world & ATM ABR.

·       1998-09-21: A convergence side effect  (p 36) Edited

Cooperation between the IETF & the ITU.

·       1998-09-28: The 435 usual suspects  (p 36) Edited

The U.S. House of Representatives cluelesness about the Internet.

·       1998-10-05: The need to support failure (p 41) Edited

The need for government support of basic research.

·       1998-10-12: Is there reality behind the hype?  (p 38) Edited

Is IP telephony economically rational?

·       1998-10-19: Embedding the Internet  (p 66) Edited

Putting the Internet on a chip.

·       1998-10-26: The Internet is not dead  (p 38) Edited

On the death of Jon Postel.

·       1998-11-02: The Internet and the CITGO sign.  (p 40) Edited

Preserving an Internet snapshot.

·       1998-11-09: Is there hope for DSL?  (p 41) Edited

Deployment problems with digital subscriber line.

·       1998-11-16: Complexity as a weapon  (p 52) Edited

Does Microsoft want complex standards as a barrier to others?

·       1998-11-23: Not just for ISPs  (p 36) Edited

Review of "ISP Survival Guide".

·       1998-11-30: Rough seas in safe harbors  (p 38) Edited

The U.S. government is being a wimp on Internet privacy.

·       1998-12-07: We are here to help  Edited

The role of government in IT standards.

·       1998-12-14: A glass 7/8ths full (p 40) Edited

Reaction to Mark Gibbs's column on ICANN

·       1998-12-21: Why can't we all get along? (p 36) Edited

Cooperation between the IETF and other standards bodies.