Security, Privacy, and Usability
             Spring 2013


NOTICE:  Special Projects (if you elect to do one) 
are due before 4:30 pm on May 8, 2013 - no projects 
will be accepted after that date and time and no 
extensions will be provided. 
(click on B&W for the black & white version)
           1:     Course Introduction (B&W)
           8:     Laws & Regulations (B&W)
         15:     Establishing a Secure Environment (B&W)
         22:     Malware: Worms, Viruses & Spyware (B&W)
          1:     Encryption, Hash Algorithms & Integrity Management (B&W)
          8:     Identification & Authentication (including biometrics) (B&W)
        15:     Trusted Computing & Secure Applications  (B&W)
                       Take-at-home midterm exam posted
        22:     Spring Break - no class
                       Take-at-home midterm exam due (4:30pm ET)   
        29:     Protecting Infrastructure  (B&W)
         5:    Surveillance, Privacy Protecting Technologies & Watermarking (B&W)
       12:    Security Tools (guest lecture) (B&W)
       19:    Commerce & Digital Rights Management (B&W)
       26:    Payment Card Industry Standards as a model (B&W)
         3:     Social Engineering and Phishing (B&W)
         8:     Take-at-home Final Exam Part A posted & all special projects due
       10:     Usability (B&W)
                      Take-at-home Final Exam Part B posted 
       15:     Take-at-home final exam due (4:30pm ET)